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25 April 2017 By James Johnson 0 comments

Alejandro Medina Killed in San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident

 fatal motorcycle crash

Alejandro Medina San Bernardino Motorcycle Crash

Alejandro Richard Medina, 30, of Highland was killed Sunday evening, April 23rd, following a motorcycle collision, per the San Bernardino Sun.

The fatal crash was reported about 7:44 p.m.. when Alejandro Medina collided with a vehicle at or near the intersection of Gilbert Street and Crestview Avenue.

Per the San Bernardino Sun, Alejandro Medina had been traveling westbound on his bike on Gilbert before being hit by a eastbound vehicle headed down Gilbert.

Per the San Bernardino Coroner, the 30-year-old Highland man sadly did not survive the collision and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The San Bernardino Police Department will be the agency handling the investigation and will ultimately determine liability.

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