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10 May 2017 By James M. Johnson 0 comments

Ruben Lopez Victim Bicycle Fresno Accident on Thorne

Ruben Lopez Victim Bicycle Fresno Accident on Thorne Ruben Lopez Struck by Car During Police Chase in Fresno

FRESNO- According to the CBS Fresno,  a deadly auto versus bicycle collision resulted in the death of a Fresno man identified as Ruben Lopez, 48.

The collision occurred Friday, May 5th, during a police chase which ended at the intersection of Thorne Avenue and Atchison Avenue.

Limited details are known at this time but Ruben Lopez was riding a bicycle at the intersection before being hit and fatally injured.

It remains unclear why the police chase started initially and who the driver/suspect of the vehicle was as the Fresno Police Department is currently still investigating the collision,

This story will be updated.

We offer our warmest of thoughts, our prayers, and condolences to the family members Ruben Lopez as they search for peace and comfort.

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