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09 | Dec
09 December 2016 By James Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Latest Big Company to Lie About Product Safety

The top executives at the country’s seven largest tobacco companies testified before Congress back in 1994 that cigarettes were not addictive. They even went so far as to say they wouldn’t stop their own child from smoking if they wanted to, but preferred they did not. Fast forward to the 2000s, Takata Corp., a Japanese […]

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03 | Nov
03 November 2016 By James Johnson

Top 10 Cars Plagued with Deadly Takata Airbags Still on Roads

Are you driving behind the wheel of one of these top 10 most dangerous cars? They are vehicles equipped with faulty airbags made by Japanese-based Takata Corp. and there are roughly 300,000 of these on our roadways. The danger isn’t for other motorists, it’s for the driver and others inside the vehicle who may be […]

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18 | Aug
18 August 2016 By James Johnson

NTHSA Warns Owners to Stop Driving These Honda and Acura Cars Immediately

CALIFORNIA — A critical warning was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to owners of older-model Honda and Acura cars advising them to immediately stop driving their vehicles and get them repaired due to an imminent risk that their airbags may explode. The warning urges car owners not to driver these vehicles […]

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06 | Jul
06 July 2016 By James Johnson

Takata Airbag Problems Worsen & Potential for Total Airbag Recall Rises

The Takata airbag problems may be more widespread than previously thought, but is a total recall imminent? Some 24 million vehicles have been recalled from 14 separate auto manufacturers due to the potential for injury or death as these devices can rupture and spray out metal shards on occupants. On Tuesday, General Motoris announced it […]

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