Earth Day 2017: Electric Vehicle (EV) Buying Guide

Electric Vehicle Buying GuideIt’s been 47 years since roughly 20 million Americans demonstrated in the streets from coast-to-coast after the massive 1969 oil spill in the waters off the coast of Santa Barbara.

The collective goal of demonstrators was to protect and preserve the environment. Since that first day, roughly 97 percent of climate scientists state that climate change is real and it’s caused by humans.

It was out of these efforts that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was born.

This year as we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, consider steps you can take to protect the environment for future generations.

Last year the world’s two largest polluters – China and the United States – did their part by signing the Paris Agreement to reduce future global greenhouse gas emissions.

Most Americans, however, have not changed habits. Data shows consumers continue to drive gas guzzling vehicles, despite many alternative fuel options such as electric vehicles, hybrids and upcoming hydro-fuel cell vehicles. In fact, current low gas prices have encouraged car buyers to opt for larger pickup trucks and SUVs which are now the fastest growing segment among auto manufacturers in the United States.

While California leads the way in terms of electric vehicle ownership, the industry is still in its infancy. The cost of buying an electric vehicle is still significantly higher than most gas-powered cars. However, more auto manufacturers are offering electric and green vehicles at lower price points to consumers and there are other factors that can bring down the cost.

8 Facts about Electric Vehicles (EV) You Need to Know

  1. California accounts for roughly half of EV sales in the United States.
  2. 200,000 plug-in electric vehicles have been sold over past six years in California.
  3. About 3,600 public charging sites serve California drivers.
  4. The Golden State will begin charging EV owners fees in 2010 ($100 registration, plus annual registration fees based on market value).
  5. EV fees in California will generate an estimated $52 billion over 10 years.
  6. 10 other states and Washington DC are charging EV owners fees.
  7. California has the highest gas prices in the country.
  8. Gas tax in California will be 30 cents per gallon in November.

Choose Your 2017 Ride: Electric Vehicle Choices/Buying Guide

  1. BMW i3 ($42,400)
  2. Chevrolet Volt ($36,620)
  3. Fiat 500e ($31,800)
  4. Ford Focus Electric ($29,170)
  5. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell ($59,365) Hydrogen-powered vehicle. Honda Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid (available in late 2017)
  6. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue ($22,200); SEL ($23,950); Limited ($27,500)
  7. Kia Soul EV ($31,950)
  8. Mercedes-Benz B-Class ($39,900)
  9. Mitsubishi i-MiEV ($22,995)
  10. Nissan Leaf ($30,680)
  11. Smart Fortwo ED ($25,000)
  12. Tesla Model S ($68,000), Model X ($80,000), Roadster, Model 3 ($35,000)
  13. Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid ($27,100)
  14. Volkswagen eGolf ($28,995)

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