FINALIST ESSAY: Johnson Attorneys Group Never Drink and Drive Scholarship by Shelly Vasser (Spring 2020)

Shelly Vasser finalist scholarship

Looking At The Consequences Of Drunk Driving

By Shelly Vasser

Every little somebody has that one person that they want to be just like and follow everywhere, that one person that inspires that little human to grow up and be someone. My person was my cousin Jody Now, she was a beautiful, vivacious, smart, and never let anything get in her way kind of a person.

Sadly, one night two weeks before graduation when she was just 17, a drunk driver changed that life. She was hit so hard her seat belt severed her brain stem and she would never be there for her little cousin again. What makes the story extra sad is her dad was killed in a car accident a few years before.

In the medical field the way we describe the way we take care of patients is, “how would you want your loved one taken care of”. The same concept is for drinking and driving, “how would you feel if you lost the most important person in your life due to something that is 100% preventable and someone did not care enough and chose to drive drunk.

Everyone needs to care about driving under the influence of anything that can impair the sensory system and judgments. Everyone needs to ask themselves “how would I feel if I killed someone, especially a tiny little life that has never had the chance to find out what life is like”. Also, what would you say or do if you ever met the person who chose to drive under the influence and killed your somebody?

I think it should be a requirement when getting a driver license, a person needs to do a research paper on driving under the influence of any impairing substance. I really do not see or hear a lot about MADD anymore, programs like that should be seen in greater force.

For people who have already been caught, I do not think picking up trash and getting a suspended license is good enough. Those people need to spend some real time in a brain injury unit, burn unit, or janitorial work in a hospital. Any of those will likely make a person see what happens on the other side.

Shelly Vasser (Fouraker-McCade) lives in Eagle, Idaho, and is attending The University of Phoenix Online as she pursues a bachelor of Science in Business.

Pat Rillera, Regional Executive Director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Southern California, will be selecting our winner next week.

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