If you suffer a serious or long-term injury there is no question that there is a chance it will permanently alter your life. Such a catastrophic turn of events affects not only the individual, but also friends and family. > Read more


Did you know you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and property damage if you were hurt in a crash with a negligent driver? > Read more


When a person dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, including murder, the surviving members of the victim's family may sue for "wrongful death." Most wrongful death lawsuits follow in the wake of criminal trials, using similar evidence but with a lower standard of proof. > Read more


Product liability cases cover a wide array of injuries, and can impact a consumer in every part of your life. > Read more


Any injury which occurs on the property that is the direct result of hidden dangers and unsafe conditions is the fault of the property owner, and therefore they should be liable for any damages which occur as a result of the injuries. > Read more


Pedestrian accidents are those that occur between a moving vehicle and an individual. Some of the most horrendous accidents occur when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle during normal daily activities. > Read more


Motorists are required by law to pay attention to their driving. When a driver is not focused on driving, they may be liable for damages if their conduct causes or contributes to a bicycle accident. > Read more


California is a popular destination or residence for those who take to the water for work or recreation whether it’s on the coastline or in one of the many lakes throughout the state. > Read more


Train accidents are some of the most traumatic and horrific accidents which individuals can be a part of or witness. They often lead to severe, life threatening injuries, and the families of the victims are left trying to piece their lives back together. > Read more

Slip and Fall

Under the area of law known as premises liability, property owners and property management companies are responsible for the safety and well-being of their invitees and guests. > Read more

Home Abuse

It is nothing less than horrifying and shocking to discover that your parent, grandparent or other loved one has been subjected to various forms of abuse. > Read more


It is upsetting for many amusement park goers to discover the fact that fixed-location amusement parks are unregulated and therefore do not have to answer to any federal or state laws. > Read more


Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior and must maintain control over the animal. If a dog bites or otherwise attacks an individual, the owner is liable for the conduct of the dog. > Read more

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