How Safe is Halloween Horror Nights, Dark Harbor and Knotts Scary Farm?

 How Safe is Halloween Horror Nights, Dark Harbor and Knotts Scary Farm?No One Wants to get Hurt Even if all Bloody Hell Breaks Loose

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — Visiting a local California theme park during their seasonal scary or horror nights is a great way to celebrate Halloween, but visitors should be aware of the potential unforeseen dangers lurking in these mazes and darkened walkways at these amusement parks.

Universal Studios

Step inside the hair-raising world of Stranger Things and prepare to brave the Upside Down of this pop culture series phenomenon! Journey to small town Hawkins, Indiana—a seemingly peaceful community with dark, unnerving secrets.

Knotts Scary Farm

This year the entire park will be an immersive experience starting as you walk in the front gates with hidden monsters peaking out of the shadows. The seven most popular mazes are back including Dark Ride, The Red Barn, Paranormal Inc. Pumpkin Eater, Shadow Lands, Special Ops: Infected and Trick-or-Treat: Lights Out. The theme park, however, has updated them with a new twist, tweak or surprise. New mazes added this year are The Depths set in the 1940s with mythical creatures and Dark Entities, in which you have been sent to investigate a space station under attack by an unknown being.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

The iconic Queen Mary sits quietly in a dark harbor haunted by over 200 heinous monsters lurking throughout six terrifying mazes.

Visitors are taken through secret rooms and may listen to nightly live entertainment, hang out at haunted bars and enjoy various rides.

Haunted Mazes Not Always Safe

Let’s face it, people come to these places to get the living daylights scared out of them.  It’s your worst nightmare come true in full bloody reality. Zombies and murderous villains roaming the grounds, grotesque displays that come to life or death, and blood-soaked psychos wielding machetes. However, no one expects they will be injured in the process. The bad news is, it happens. Twisted ankles, fractures, bumps and bruises and even sexual assaults have been reported at some Halloween mazes over the years.

Slip and Falls, Ride Malfunctions: What to do if you are hurt?

When a visitor to one of these scary nights gets a serious injury such as a fracture, back injuries, or even a head injury, they could require ongoing physical therapy or lost time off work. Scrapes and bruises may quickly heal, but a muscular injury or fracture can be expensive and cause much suffering.

There are steps that should be taken immediately after you are hurt at an amusement park. First, you should immediately alert an employee or management at the park and file a report about what happened. Make sure you get their full name or employee identification number, note the time of the incident and location. If you have a camera or cell phone, take a photograph of the area, the object you slipped or tripped on and your injuries at the park. If something malfunctioned and caused your injuries, see if there were witnesses and get their contact information at the scene. Next, get immediate medical attention for your injuries and followup care as necessary. Finally, contact a personal injury attorney.

Hurt at a scary theme park? Get Help By Calling 1-800-235-6801

Johnson Attorneys Group provides legal services to people who have been hurt in a slip and fall accident and we will ensure if you hire us that we will do everything possible to get you the maximum settlement available to cover medical costs, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

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