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07 July 2017 By James M. Johnson 0 comments

Jonathon Coronel Shot and Killed in Vista by Police

Jonathon Coronel Shot and Killed in Vista by PoliceJonathon Coronel Unarmed when Shot by Police Officer

VISTA (July 7, 2017)- A man identified as Jonathan Coronel, 24, of Vista, was shot and killed by a police officer Wednesday morning, per the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Vista law enforcement spotted Jonathon Coronel, who also goes by Mickey, at around 10:15 a.m. as he has a history of being tied to gangs and had a warrant out for his arrest after violating his probation.

Once Coronel saw police officials he booked it out of his green Buick and took off on foot. He jumped over a fence into a backyard and was met by an officer who was in some type of confrontation with him leading in the officer drawing his handgun and opening fire on the 24-year-old man.

Coronel who was determined to have been unarmed died shortly after his admittance to the hospital

The 24-year-old man leaves behind a daughter, family members, and friends.

No further details have been released at this time.

The shooting death of Mr. Jonathon Coronel may have been a violation of the use of excessive force (Fourth Amendment) as the victim was determined to have been unarmed and had his back turned toward police posing no real immediate threat to law enforcement at the time. A thorough investigation will ensue to determine all factors and the circumstances that associate with this incident. We trust officials are looking into these and other factors in order to determine precisely what occurred here and why.

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