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20 January 2015 By James M. Johnson 0 comments

Record Low Gas Prices in 2015 Could Have a Downside — More Accidents

Could it be possible that lower gas prices this year would have a downside? Indeed, if gas prices continue to slide across the country, motorists are likely to put more miles on the road and if this happens there are likely to be more injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents.

“Statistics show there is a direct correlation between the number of miles traveled and the number of accidents we have in the United States,” said Attorney James Johnson, a California personal injury attorney. “The more miles you put on the road the more likely you will be involved in a crash. The insurance companies know this and they factor this into your insurance premiums every year.”

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, as national gas prices rose higher over between 2005 and 2011, statistics showed that fatal traffic accidents declined 26 percent.

In fact, these statistics show the United States reached its lowest number of traffic fatalities in 60 years in 2011 with 32,310 deaths. This same year, the number of miles traveled by motorists dropped by 35.7 billion miles or 1.2 percent, according the NHTSA.

shutterstock_137630921So it makes sense that the more miles people drive the more chances there are to be involved in a traffic accident and given the latest news on gas prices, drivers will need to be careful.

Record Low Gas Prices

Indeed gas prices began plummeting late last year and prices are below the $2 per gallon mark in several states. Currently prices average $2.05 a gallon in the US and are roughly 40 percent lower than they were just six months ago throughout the nation, according to the latest data compiled by AAA. More than half of all gas stations in the US began selling gas for under $2 a gallon last week after more than 100 straight days of declining prices. It’s the lowest price since May 2009.

In California, which with 22.6 million licensed drivers has more motorists than any other state, has an average gas price of $2.49 per gallon for regular gasoline compared to $3.60 per gallon one year ago. The state has nearly twice as many drivers as Texas with 13.5 million licensed drivers.

“The best way to avoid being in an accident is to take precautions and stay alert,” Johnson said.

It’s important that drivers take steps to minimize the likelihood of an accident by driving safe, well-maintained vehicles, obeying all rules of the road, putting away distractions while behind the wheel and avoiding drugs or alcohol.

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