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Oakland, California is Second Worst Large US City to Drive in Report Says

 Oakland, California is Second Worst Big US City to Drive in Report Says17 Large California Cities Ranked for Driving Conditions

Drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles can’t complain about having the worst driving conditions in the state because that honor goes to another large California city: Oakland.

Indeed, it turns out that Oakland ranked second worst in the country for having the worst driving conditions among 100 of the largest U.S. cities in a report by WalletHub released this week.

Those San Francisco and Los Angeles drivers, however, may still complain something to complain about to the rest of the state and country. It turns out that these cities ranked pretty close to the bottom of the list list of 100 large cities to drive in ranked from best being first to worst at number 100 with the best being number one and the worst being number 100.

To determine what U.S. cities are the best to drive in, WalletHub looked at the largest American cities across 30 driving-related factors including time stuck in traffic, the likelihood of a collision, vehicle maintenance costs, parking fees and gas prices.

A total of 17 large California cities were ranked on the list from best to worst. None made it into the top 30 positions.

  • Irvine — 33rd (ranked No. 1 for safety)
  • Bakersfield — 58th
  • Chula Vista — 60th
  • Anaheim — 62nd
  • Sacramento — 65
  • San Diego — 66th
  • Riverside — 69th
  • Santa Ana — 72nd
  • Fremont — 75th
  • Long Beach — 77th
  • Fresno — 82nd
  • Stockton — 84th
  • San Jose — 86th
  • San Bernardino — 90th
  • Los Angeles — 93rd
  • San Francisco — 97th
  • Oakland — 99th

Regardless of what cities you typically drive through in California, you are likely to face risks and higher costs than most U.S. cities.

Those of us at Johnson Attorneys Group hope you take precautions when driving such as maintaining your vehicle and obeying all traffic laws. If you are hurt in a collision and would like to speak with one of our qualified personal injury attorneys, do not hesitate to call us and request a free consultation at 800-235-6801. We are here to help you.


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