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23 June 2017 By James Johnson 0 comments

Police Officer Robert Cain Arrested Alleged Unlawful Sex with Teen Police Cadet

police officer sex with teenLOS ANGELES, California (June 22, 2017) —Los Angeles Police Officer Robert Cain, 31, of Rancho Cucamonga has been arrested after police discovered text messages revealing he allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl who participated in the LAPD’s youth cadet program, according to the LAPD press release.

The police officer, who was not formally involved in the cadet program, was booked into Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angles where he is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

As part of the investigation into officer Cain, the LAPD obtained search warrants for his locker at the 77th Street Station where he worked, vehicle and home in an effort to determine exactly what his relationship was with the teenage girl. Cain has been on the police force for 10 years.

The alleged sexual relationship was discovered after police arrested the female cadet and discovered incriminating evidence on her cell phone and social media that indicate she had a short-term sexual relationship that took place over the past month with Cain. The female victim was one of seven cadets in the LAPD program that recently were caught stealing three police cruisers.

The teenage girl had been in the cadet program for roughly three months.  Police say the relationship between the police officer and the teenager was “consensual,” however, a girl this age cannot legally give consent. Cain had never been involved in the cadet program, police said.

“I find the actions of Cain, if they are proven, to be despicable,” said Charlie Beck, LAPD Police Chief. “I find them to be absolutely inconsistent with the ethics and standards of the Los Angeles Police Department and they are criminal. And I’m a police officer and I was — I felt it was my duty to make the arrest.”

It’s unclear if the relationship between Cain and the victim allowed her and other cadets the ability to access police equipment. There is already an extensive review of the LAPD cadet program after seven juveniles in the program at the 77th Street Division and the Pacific Division were arrested in connection with the police cruiser thefts. The former cadets took joy rides in the police vehicles last week. They were pursued by police officers and the vehicles were crashed. On June 14, police arrested the first three juvenile suspects and four others were arrested later. The cadet programs at these two divisions have been suspended pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

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