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23 August 2017 By J Johnson 0 comments

Riverside Motorcycle Accident Mockingbird Canyon Road, August 22

Riverside Motorcycle Accident Mockingbird Canyon Road, August 22At Least 1 Injured in Crash Near Pounders Drive

RIVERSIDE (August 22, 2017) – A motorcycle rider, and their passenger were overthrown to the ground in a traffic accident on Mockingbird Canyon Road Tuesday evening.

The California Highway Patrol group first logged the incident at 6:27 p.m.

Authorities mentioned a 2011 black Kawasaki motorcycle crashed near the 17310 block of Mockingbird Canyon Road near Pounders Drive.

The collision resulted in the rider, and a passenger thrown a few feet away from the point of impact. Both parties were found by responding medical crews down on the ground.

Riverside Car Crash

Paramedics said the incident is a major injury collision but it was not clear how many were injured, or hospitalized. The names of the involved parties remain undisclosed at this time.

Investigators continue to work on gathering more information to fully understand and identity the cause of the accident. Officials are looking into the possibility of having another vehicle involved in the incident.

According to authorities, the primary factors contributing to motorcycle accidents are unsafe speed, alcohol or drug use, improper turning, riding on the wrong side of the road, and failing to yield.

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