Steps to Take if You are Involved in a Parking Lot Accident

Parking lots are notorious for fender benders as well as more serious accidents involving pedestrians.

Drivers have to navigate around other motorists who are pulling in and out of parking spaces, pedestrians are walking through the lot in all directions, shopping carts are abandoned everywhere.

There are also young children darting about and older teenagers on whizzing through on skateboards or bicycles.

It’s certainly no wonder that one out of every five crashes takes place in a parking lot.

The majority of these crashes are the type referred to as “fender benders,” but more serious crashes especially those involving children and pedestrians are also quite common. One of the most common accidents that takes place in a parking lot is sudden unintended acceleration crashes where someone mistakes the gas pedal for the break. This type of crash often has deadly consequences and or serious injuries.

What to do after a parking lot accident?

First of all determine whether anyone was hurt and needs medical assistance. Call 911 for help if there are serious injuries that need immediate attention. Next, you should call police to come and fill out a report and verify what happened. Remember that not all injuries present themselves at the time of a crash. Soft-tissue injuries to the neck and back may begin to cause pain a few hours later or the following day.

Who is at fault?

Parking lot accidents typically involve drivers who are backing up and sometimes two drivers may do this at the same time and it can be difficult to determine who had the right-of-way. There are also a lot of pedestrian accidents that take place in parking lots. It’s best not to guess who is at fault while you are at the scene. Do not admit fault yourself and do not get into an argument with the other parties involved. Stick to the facts about what happened and let police determine who is at fault.

What information should I get?

After a car accident you will want to exchange information such as insurance and driver license paperwork with the other party. If you have a smart phone you can photograph their documents as well. Also, you should also take photographs of the damage to both vehicles at the scene from different angles and distances. If someone has visible injuries you should take photos of those at the scene. Get the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses who saw what happened.

Should I call an attorney?

If there are no injuries involved you will not need a personal injury attorney, but you should still do all of the above to protect yourself and for the best possible outcome. If someone was hurt in the crash, contact Johnson Attorneys Group for a free consultation at 800-235-6801. Let us know you saw our article about parking lot accidents and you would like to speak with an attorney about your potential case. You may also visit our website for more information.

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