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20 September 2013 By James M. Johnson 0 comments

Top Tips For Saving Money At The Pump

Most Southern Californian drivers have said goodbye to their leisurely summer schedules and embarked on the routine of fall, especially with children going back to school. If you are driving more you might be noticing you are not the only ones experiencing increasing gas prices at the pump. Across the country, gas prices have continued to rise recently and some analysts are predicting that gas prices will not be under $3 a gallon again. Here are a few ways we can try to economize when we fill our gas tanks.

When I was growing up my parents rarely used the car’s air-conditioning. Their reason was that it used too much gas. Surprisingly enough, its actually more economical to drive with your car’s windows rolled up than it is for them to be down. What my parents didn’t know was that driving at speeds over 30 miles per hour actually reduces the car’s aerodynamics if the windows are down. So feel confident in your windows being rolled up.

Along with using the air or heat in your car, if you have clean air and fuel filters in your car then you will be burning less gas when you drive. If you’re not too familiar with how your car’s engine works you should know that your engine requires gas and air to create the energy it needs. Therefore, if the air is restricted with dirty filters then more energy is needed and more gas will be consumed.

Two of the more obvious preventative tips to incorporate in to gas saving habits are to check the alignment of your car and to check the air pressure of the car’s tires. Any time your car has to work harder to travel in a straight line you can expect that it is guzzling more gas and when tires are properly inflated then they roll forward easier and don’t require as much energy from the motor. I just recently had both my alignment corrected and all four tires on my car changed. It can be an expensive investment but in the long run its safer for you and better on your gas budget.

The last tip I have for you, don’t be in such a hurry. Heavy accelerating and braking really takes a toll on your car and the gas it needs to speed up and stop abruptly. I see more and more people zooming by only to find them stopped at the next light when I get there and no time was saved whatsoever. We all could practice a little more patience on the road.

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