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06 July 2016 By James Johnson 0 comments

What Can You Do if You Spot a Drunk Driver?

CHP officer writes ticket
How to spot a drunk driver and what to do — file photo

Most people know better than to drink and drive these days, but unfortunately there are still thousands of California drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking.

These drivers too often get into serious or deadly crashes and they are responsible for roughly a third of all fatal accidents and 60 percent of wrong-way driver crashes, according to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Those of us here at Johnson Attorneys Group are familiar with the tragedies faced by victims because many of our clients have been hurt or lost a loved one in DUI crashes. It’s a crime to drive drunk and if someone is hurt or killed it’s a felony punishable by time in jail and considerable fines. A victim may also pursue justice in civil court through a personal injury lawyer to be compensated for their financial losses and pain and suffering.

But what if the accident didn’t have to happen? What if another driver reported a drunk driver before they crashed? Police need help from other motorists to catch drunk drivers and you can help if you see one, but how do you recognize a drunk driver?

California freeway
How to spot a drunk driver

Tips for spotting drunk drivers:

Drunk drivers drift in and out of lanes
Swerve to make lane changes or turn corners
They make wide turns
Follow too closely behind other drivers
Drive too slow

What you can do if you see a drunk driver

If you have a passenger in your car and a cell phone, ask them to call 911 or call yourself using your hands free setting to report the driver to police. You can give them the license plate number, make and model of the car and location where you saw the driver. You may also provide police with a description of the driver and any features that may help police recognize the vehicle such as roof racks, special paint markings, etc. Do not attempt to make contact with the drunk driver and put yourself in harm’s way.

Were you injured in a DUI crash?

If you were hurt in a collision with a drunken driver get immediate help for your injuries and contact a personal injury attorney. Call Johnson Attorneys Group at 800-235-6801 to find out what your rights are under California law.

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