Before an operation or other invasive medical procedures, an anesthesiologist is tasked with using one or more drugs (anesthesia) to put the patient in a medically-induced state. Either fully asleep, partially awake, or in a trance-like state, the patient is unable to feel pain, is possibly unresponsive and will have some loss of muscular or skeletal reaction. When anesthesia errors occur due to an avoidable mistake or negligence, consult with an anesthesia malpractice lawyer immediately to determine exactly what happened and to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.
Anesthesia errors can be a result of medical negligence or a number of other possible reasons. A patient's vital signs and blood loss must be closely monitored during procedures requiring anesthesia. Additionally, consideration of the patient's medical history and a close monitoring of the patient's response to the anesthesia are also required. Finally, some anesthesia accidents occur when the wrong dose is administered. Failure to monitor or correctly implement any of these procedures can result in a life-altering injury to the patient.

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Common Causes of Anesthesia Errors

Mistakes, oversights, or miscalculations during the administering of anesthesia can result in a variety of serious injuries and/or long-term health complications - and the cause of these errors can be complicated or straightforward. There are times when a nurse, physician, surgeon, or the anesthesiologist may fail to intubate the patient properly. Failure to closely monitor and recognize when a patient is in distress may be the cause of the accident. Or lack of communication between the medical staff, defective equipment, and the improper administration of oxygen during anesthesia procedures can all lead to patient fatality or the following injury:
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • brain injury
  • birth defects
  • coma
  • Asphyxia
  • paralysis
  • diminished health
If you or a loved has been affected by the medical negligence of an anesthesiologist or by a medical professional administering or monitoring the patient during surgery, it is crucial to contact a medical malpractice lawyer with experience in anesthesia-related injury and litigation. Often doctors and medical administration make it difficult to obtain clear answers to your questions. If a hospital denies liability or gives vague answers to questions concerning fault, immediately contact us to explore your legal options.

Compensation for Anesthesia Malpractice

If you are a victim of negligence or anesthesia errors leading to medical complications or injury, there are multiple paths to seek compensation. This compensation may include the following:
  • Pain and suffering reimbursement for either physical, mental or emotional trauma that is endured as a result of anesthesia mistakes.
  • Medical costs related to discovery, future medical care, rehabilitation, and long-term care required as a result of malpractice.
  • Lost wages and future earnings as a result of injuries resulting from negligence and prevention of ability to work.
  • Punitive damages in the form of financial compensation to punish extreme negligence or conduct by the guilty party.

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The law does not discriminate between genuine error or negligence. While anesthesia practices do have some risks and adverse events which are usually explained before the procedure begins - negligence and errors constitute malpractice. A qualified lawyer is skilled at distinguishing between medical system errors versus no-fault medical complications. Johnson Attorneys Group will work as your advocate to negotiate the maximum recovery for your anesthesia malpractice claim. We offer free evaluations and have 12 convenient locations to serve our clients.