It is no secret that those involved in a motorcycle accident have a high incidence of being injured. Motorcycles lack the standard auto constraints such as airbags and seatbelts, so people riders involved in even minor collisions can have catastrophic injuries. According to a sobering statistic from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), deaths due to motorcycle accidents in 2014 resulted with 27 times more frequency than other vehicle fatalities. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you call a personal injury lawyer right away to speak to a professional who specifically understands motorcycle accident laws in California. Here at Johnson Attorneys Group, we are experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases.

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

  • Driver error: Statistically speaking, the most frequent motorcycle accident happens as a result of vehicles turning left in front of bikes. Other driver-error-related accidents include, but are not limited to, vehicles hitting bikes while switching lanes or at stop lights, and blind spots plague vehicle drivers who are not trained to see motorcycles on the road.
  • Faulty Equipment: Though less common, accidents can happen as a result of safety failures or general vehicle malfunctions. A California personal injury lawyer may seek compensation if essential motorcycle safety functions fail such as the brakes or tires.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Road design and road condition often impact motorcycles long before other vehicles. As such, local government officials are required to post signs making motorists aware of potential road conditions that could become hazardous. Roads that are poorly lit, or improperly maintained raise the risks of a motorcycle accident. In the event of a motorcycle accident as a result of poor road conditions, it is paramount that a motorcycle accident lawyer gets involved with the case as quickly as possible.

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Motorcycle Accident Liability

Proving liability for a motorcycle accident depends on whether the other party’s negligent actions were the cause of the crash. There must be evidence that demonstrates that the crash would not have occurred had the other driver not been present on the road. To prove negligence, four elements must have occurred:

  • Duty--meaning the driver at fault had a duty to ensure the safety of fellow drivers sharing the road.
  • Breach of duty--meaning the driver at fault failed to uphold his or her duty to ensure the safety of fellow drivers sharing the
  • Causation--meaning the accident involving the motorcycle was caused directly by the at-fault driver's
  • Damages--meaning the motorcyclist suffered damages as a result of the accident. These damages can include personal or property damage or death. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to assess whether the four elements exist and negligence can be

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California Motorcycle Laws

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What a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

  • Gather evidence: A personal injury lawyer knows what evidence to gather, whether in the form of accident scene photos, surveillance videos, or police reports that will create clarity and work in your favor. The right motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to help you gather evidence from necessary
  • Interview witnesses: Personal testimony can be hugely beneficial in filing a lawsuit. Motorcycle accident lawyers are specifically skilled at interviewing eyewitnesses and documenting first- hand accounts to prove your
  • Review medical records: If you or your loved one was injured as a result of the motorcycle accident, a trained motorcycle accident lawyer can review pertinent medical records with your permission to prove
  • Handle the insurance company: A motorcycle accident lawyer can handle all insurance matters on your
  • Recover compensation: Johnson Attorneys Group motorcycle injury lawyers possess a deep knowledge of motorcycle law and know how to fight for your rights. Our goal is fighting for your rights so you can focus on your

You may be compensated for:

  • Damage to property (including repairing or replacing the bike)
  • Lost wages and future income
  • Pain and suffering/emotional distress
  • Past, present, or future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and/or therapy costs
  • Rental charges
  • Various accident-related costs and out-of-pocket expenses

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