Hospital malpractice occurs in situations where the hospital staff negligently treats a patient causing them to sustain injuries. This means that the care does not meet the standards that reasonable professionals in the same field would provide. Hospital staff comprises of more than the doctors. It includes the hospital’s nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other staff as well.

Hospital malpractice can take many forms, such as mistaken diagnosis, failure of the hospital staff to treat a patient, failure to monitor or stabilize a patient’s condition, failure to refer patients to appropriate specialists, and/or failure to order the necessary diagnostic tests. Similarly, negligent treatment such as administering the wrong type of medication, improper use of anesthesia, improper usage of medical equipment, and unnecessary or unconsented-to surgeries are other examples of hospital malpractices. In addition, if a patient acquires an infection that otherwise could have been preventable due to the negligence of the hospital then it qualifies as a hospital malpractice.

Hospital malpractice victims must watch out for some important things to recover from the emotional, physical, and monetary trauma suffered. This recovery includes speaking with insurance companies, paying for medical bills, property damage repair, dealing with the pain and suffering, etc. Our California hospital malpractice lawyers can help negotiate with insurance companies and even find you find the best doctor even if you do not have medical insurance.


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Hospital Malpractice Statistics

According to a study in BMJ Quality and Safety, the most common type of negligence that leads to medical malpractice claims is diagnostic errors. Out of the 100,249 claims analyzed, 28.6 percent were for diagnostic errors. These claims represented 35.2 percent of the total malpractice cases. It is important for an injured patient to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to fight for damages and justice on their behalf.

California Hospital Malpractice Laws

The law does not only hold doctors liable for hospital malpractices, but it also holds hospitals liable to a certain standard of care regarding their patients’ safety and well-being. Our experienced California hospital malpractice attorneys understand what it takes to hold a hospital liable for the actions of its staff. The injuries caused by hospital staff negligence can be catastrophic or even fatal if the patient is in a critical condition. Some of the actions considered negligent include:

  • Providing treatment to the wrong patient
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Committing medication errors such as wrong medication
  • Failing to monitor the patient
  • Premature discharge

Type of Compensation Available For Hospital Malpractice

If a patient is injured due to a hospital’s negligence, California law allows the injured party to seek compensation. This compensation may include the following:

  • Compensatory damages – covers your medical expenses and lost wages due to the injury
  • Non-economic damages – compensates the pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages – awarded in order to punish the responsible physician, nurse, hospital, or surgeon.

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