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We live in a consumer-driven society which means that we rely on a wealth of different products to get us through our day.  It is therefore dangerous and life-threatening when one of these products is ill-made or was not been properly tested before entering the stream of commerce.


Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases cover a wide array of injuries and can impact a consumer in every part of your life.  Your car brakes may malfunction, leading you to crash into a wall, or into oncoming traffic.  Your blow dryer may explode, severely injuring you while you get ready in the morning.  The birth control you have been taken for years may be found to cause a rare disease.  The toys your child plays with may be found to contain harmful contaminants.   The bottom line is that so many products are put into the stream of commerce without being properly tested, which run the risk of causing a severe injury to you or your family.  As a victim of this type of injury, you should not be forced to pay for your injuries just because you bought a product which was negligently manufactured.

Bringing a products liability case requires the manufacturer and supplier to pay for injuries caused by the products they created and stocked in their stores.  Products liability suits ensure that those who cause the injury are those who pay for it, and further ensures that the harmful product is removed from storefronts or recalled and remodeled.

Common Defective Product Types

Court Theories

Products liability cases can rely on three different theories in its prosecution, including negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty.  Many cases rely on the theory of negligence of the manufacturer or the store owner in designing, manufacturing, and promoting the product for sale.   This theory requires the victim to prove the manufacturer and seller were not reasonable in their examination of the product for any defects or in their failure to warn of any defects.

Other cases may look to strict products liability, in which the victim only has to show:

1. The product was defective;

2. The defect existed prior to the victim purchasing the product; and

3. The defect caused the victim’s injuries.

Finally, the victim may look to a breach of warranty theory which is based in contract law.  Under this theory, a victim may recover based on breach of a warranty which caused the victim’s injuries. For information regarding Lemon Law visit our California Lemon Law site.

California Product Liability Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product in California, it is important to meet with an experienced products liability attorney as soon as possible.  Products liability cases have a limitations period of two years from the date of the injury, although in many cases this is extended from the date you become aware of the injury.

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