Johnson & Johnson Latest Big Company to Lie About Product Safety

The top executives at the country’s seven largest tobacco companies testified before Congress back in 1994 that cigarettes were not addictive. They even went so far as to say they wouldn’t stop their own child from smoking if they wanted to, but preferred they did not.

Fast forward to the 2000s, Takata Corp., a Japanese airbag manufacturer, claimed its airbags were not defective and continued to supply them to automotive manufacturers. The federal government has since confirmed 11 deaths and more than 150 injuries were the result of faulty airbags they manufactured.

More recently, Johnson & Johnson is finally being held accountable for not alerting consumers about links between its products and cancer. Johnson & Johnson allegedly knew its talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder causes ovarian cancer since 1971, but never disclosed what they knew to the public. They lied about the known link between talc and cancer despite numerous research studies that proved a connection so their sales of baby powder wouldn’t be hurt. Now hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the company and huge multi-million dollar lawsuits are aimed at punishing the conglomerate failing to protect women.

While the products made by these very different companies are not at all similar, their deceptive and deadly practices are the same. These businesses put their profits ahead of the safety of consumers and it took diligent, hard-nosed attorneys to expose them for what they are.

Attorney James Johnson is one of those who fought hard and won a wrongful death lawsuit against Takata Corp. and Honda and now he is taking on Johnson & Johnson on behalf of a client who has cancer after using Shower to Shower for roughly 30 years.

“These companies intentionally chose not to share vital information with the public about their products that could have saved lives and prevented injuries,” said Johnson. “The deception involved is certainly mind blowing, but the damage to individuals hurt by these companies is irreversible.”

Johnson Attorneys Group is proud of its record of fighting big corporations such as Honda, Takata and now Johnson & Johnson. Our experienced attorneys and legal staff investigate these businesses to gain knowledge to help win cases for our deserving clients.

Johnson Attorneys Group Settles Case Against Takata Corp. and Honda

takata-signEarlier this year, Johnson Attorneys Group settled a lawsuit it filed in 2015 against Takata Corp. and Honda Motors Co.

Attorney Johnson confirmed his law firm reached an undisclosed settlement with the two Japanese defendants as well as Sunset Car Rentals, the San Diego rental car company that owned the vehicle our client’s daughter, Jewel Brandman was driving.

“The parties have settled their disputes on terms that are satisfactory to all parties,” Johnson stated.

California Law Firm Represents Client Against Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Johnson currently represents a client who was a longtime user of Shower to Shower talc powder made by Johnson and Johnson. She has ovarian cancer that we believe is linked to her decades of using the carcinogenic talc.

Johnson & Johnson has already lost several landmark cases involving women who used this product. Gloria Ristesund recently won a $55 million verdict after she fought the company. Talc was present in her ovarian tissue following a hysterectomy and she was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. She had used the talc powder for four decades.

Another plaintiff, Jacqueline Fox of Alabama, won $72 million in February after using Johnson’s baby powder for 35 years. She died in 2015 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013.


Johnson Attorneys Group is accepting new cases involving Takata, Honda, Johnson & Johnson and other cases involving companies that have put their customers in harm’s way and caused injuries or wrongful deaths. It is our responsibility as legal professionals to inform our clients about their legal rights and take steps to ensure they are fairly compensated for their losses. For more information, contact our law offices at 800-235-6801 to request a free consultation.

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