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Reckless Driving Causes Accidents in California

Reckless drivers in California face penalties, license suspension and possible jail time -- file photo
Reckless drivers in California face penalties, license suspension and possible jail time — file photo

A collision caused by the behavior of a reckless driver can result in serious injuries or death for the motorist themselves, their passengers or other motorists and pedestrians.

Typically drivers who are considered reckless have no regard for others while they are operating a motor vehicle. These drivers are often drunk, distracted, speeding, making illegal turns, failing to use their headlights or turn signals, ignoring traffic signs and signals, driving the wrong-way or weaving through traffic without regard for others around them.

Punishment for Reckless Drivers

Police investigating the cause of a traffic accident may cite a driver as being reckless if they determine a crash was caused by any of the above mentioned actions or other reckless types of driving including street racing. This driver may have to pay up to a $1,000 fine, face jail time up to 90 days, lose their car to impound, lose points on their driving record and or have their license suspended for a month.

On subsequent arrests for reckless driving, the penalties under California Vehicle Code 23100 through 23135 can increase to a mandatory license suspension for up to one year with up to a 6-month jail term. The charges a driver faces can be higher depending on the circumstances as this type of arrest is considered discretionary. These drivers can expect their insurance rates to go up considerably after an arrest or traffic accident.

Reckless Drivers and Traffic Accidents

If you are injured in a traffic accident due to another motorists reckless driving you should first seek out immediate medical attention. The responding police officers will compile a police report with details about what happened based on facts, witness interviews and evidence collected at the scene of the crash. This report will establish fault for the accident and will show whether or not a driver was cited for reckless driving.

A person who is injured may make a claim for compensation to the other driver’s insurance or if there is insufficient coverage or no insurance, the injured person may file a claim with their own uninsured/underinsured insurance policy.

Find out more about how to proceed with a legal claim by contacting a California personal injury attorney at 800-235-6801 for a free consultation.

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