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Halloween Haunt Accidents and Theme Park Injury Attorney in California

Amid the Fake Blood and Gore, Real Accidents Do Happen

 Halloween Haunt Accidents and Theme Park Injury Attorney in CaliforniaLet’s face it, most of us love to visit haunted houses and haunted theme parks even if they are absolutely terrifying.

We enjoy thrill seeking, as long as we are doing it in a safe environment. However, many Halloween-themed amusement parks and haunted mazes, take visitors through darkened walkways where zombies may jump out of the shadows. Thousands of people are packed into these parks and most of them are either running from chainsaw-wielding monsters or they are heading into dark mazes to find them.

No one expects to get hurt, but accidents do occur from time to time. While most venues are perfectly safe, it’s good to be aware of what could happen and what to do if you are hurt:

Common Haunted House Accidents to Customers

Slipping, Tripping and Falling – It’s the most common type of injury at these darkened amusement parks and haunts. Uneven pavement, faulty stairways or ramps, loose cables or props are among the hazards.
Scaring Gone Bad – It’s the employee’s job to scare you, but they can’t push, shove or assault visitors or in any way cause an injury. Certainly there could be accidents, but sometimes fights or attacks can result among employees and guests.
Falling Props – Props that are moved or knocked often can become unstable and fall on visitors, some of which are small children that are only half the size of the prop.
Moving Vehicles, Rides or Hay Rides – Some haunted houses use motorized vehicles to move visitors through their mazes or theme parks and others feature rides. Mechanical malfunctions and collisions can leave guests with injuries.
Sharp Protrusions – Exposed sharp edges, screws or other protrusions can cause lacerations or bruises to visitors as they make their way through darkened mazes or haunted houses.
Stampedes/Trampling – When too many people are in a tight space or are too close together, it’s not unusual to get hurt as people push and shove their way through. A person can easily get trampled if they fall down in a crowded area where people are running to or from attractions.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning– The artificial fog used by many haunted houses creates a scary mood, but these chemicals can be toxic if not properly ventilated.

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